Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hajj RF Team Dinner

N.S Chief Minister ( 6 th from right)


Yesterday night we were having our dinner for the RF team at Asia Restaurant at Sary St, Jeddah. The menu were quite standard for thai restaurant such as sweet sour fish, tomyam,etc.

It is nice to be together since all of us were busy supporting the Hajj project for the last one month. Some of them have the opportunity to perform Hajj this year but I am not the lucky one this time because I don't have the opportunity to do it, but never mind, may be I am not ready yet to perform for Hajj this year.

Thanks to our boss, Mr. Zamhari Baharudin for the dinner, at the same time we got the opportunity to meet Negeri Sembilan Chief Minister during our dinner yesterday night.

For the team keep up the good work and we should proud that we contribute something especially for this Hajj project and generally to all muslim.



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Muhammad Ruhan Safuan said...


Kepada Haji Zamhari- terima kasih byk-byk.