Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The smile in the sky

Rare cosmic alignment sees Venus (left)and Jupiter (right) grin in the heavens

The smiley face beams down on Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Hajj Pilgrims enjoying a spot of winter sunshine were able to look up and see the heavens smiling back down on them last night (1 Nov 2008).

A rare cosmic alignment of the planets Venus and Jupiter meant they produced a smiling face with the crescent moon in Makkah, Saudi Arabia's sky.

The unusual phenomenon, with Venus as the left eye and Jupiter the right, took place between 8pm and 11pm (Saudi Local Time).
It was visible to the naked eye, even in built-up areas, with the moon just 252,000 miles away.
Unfortunately, due to the curvature of the earth, the smiley face did not beam down from European or U.S. skies, although it was possible to see the planets.

Venus and Jupiter appear close to each other from time to time, but are often obscured by their proximity to the sun.
Enjoy your life while you still have the time.

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